(Regional Malaria and Other Communicable Disease Threats Trust Fund)

Second Greater Mekong Subregion Regional Communicable Diseases Control Project

ADB Grant No. 0231-CAM (SF)

Recruitment: Project Completion Report Consultant (National)

The Government of Kingdom of Cambodia has received Second Greater Mekong Sub-region Grant of $10,000,000 toward the cost of Regional Communicable Diseases Control Project (Cambodia Part) with additional financing for Malaria program activities Grant of $4,000,000. The overall goal of the Project is to improve health of the population in the GMS, in particular for ethnic groups and women and children in border districts. The Project aims to timely and adequately control of communicable diseases of regional relevance that are likely to have a major impact on the region’s public health and economy through (i) enhanced regional communicable diseases control systems, (ii) improved CDC along borders and economic corridors, and (iii) integrated project management.

The Ministry of Health is now seeking applications for one Project Completion Report Consultant to be based at GMS-CDC2, Ministry of Health.

Specific Responsibilities include:

1. Assess the involvement, contribution, and attribution of Ministry of Health (MoH) and ADB in the process of project’s design;

2. Assess the performance in managing and implementing the project, in complying with ADB’s guidelines, policies, practices, procedures, and loan covenants, and evaluate project costs, disbursements, and institutional improvements;

3. Assess the outcome of the project against the agreed objectives by evaluating achievement of targets and benchmarking the impact on health status and CDC practices.

4. Assess the performance of consultants, contractors, and suppliers with respect to services, construction, supply, delivery, and installation;

5. Assess the project monitoring and evaluation system and performance in accordance with Design Monitoring Framework (DMF) and guidelines;

6. Assess significant environmental and poverty reduction impacts (include sociocultural impacts when applicable) of the project, and evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of any environmental control measures;

7. Assess the major factors affecting implementation and outcome including factors inside and outside the control of government, regional or implementing agencies;

8. Assess the effectiveness and lesson learnt that may be helpful for implementing the future project(s) and transition into health system strengthening;

9.  Recommend any other steps to improve and ensure the project’s sustainable operation and arrangement for succeeding project(s); and

10. Consultant shall conduct his/her assignment in close collaboration with international PCR consultant, if recruited by ADB.