Name of Project: Second Greater Mekong Sub-region Regional Communicable Diseases Control Project (GMS-CDC2) Project ID: ADB Grant No. 0448 CAM (EF)
Bid/Contract Description: Goods Scope of Contract: Supply and Installation 2 Machines of Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) with test kit for 20,000 cases
Procurement Method: NCB   Contract Signature Date: 29 July 2016
Bid No. HSSP2-GMS2-AF-NCB-16-G-01  
Awarded Bidder
Name of Awarded Bidder Bid Pricce at Opening (USD) Final Bid Price (USD)
Medicom Co., Ltd 160,855.06 160,855.06
Evaluated Bidders
Name of Evaluation Bidders Bid Pricce at Opening Bid Price of Evaluation Bid
Medicom Co., Ltd 160,855.06 160,855.06
Rejected Bidder(s)
Name of Reject Bidder Bid Pricce at Opening Reason(s) for Rejection
Comin Khmere Co., Ltd 182,400.00 Bidder did not provide the Manufacturer’s Authorization Letter with the bid as the requirement and the Validity of Bid Securing Declaration 5 days less then the requirement