Standardized physical progress

The physical progress of CDC2 grows up to 87.01% against elapsed time of 88% and CDC2 AF grows to 30.08% against elapsed time of 50%.

Progress by Outputs

  • Functional MOH focal points and capacity for regional cooperation in CD.

The national focal points have cohesively cooperation and collaboration with other sectors and neighbouring countries as well as with other development partners to improve coordination, mechanism, funding, sharing information…etc. among each other. On 7-8 September 2016, IHR focal point participated a seminar in Sweden on Joint ECDC and ASEF.

In Q3 2016, several CD information has been released in project webpage/CDC website; monitoring and supervision activities of MOH minister and other top official are reported and uploaded. CDC messages have been verified before posting in the website through technical consultation with WHO.

  • Regional cooperation and knowledge management.

In quarter 3, 2016, Cambodia participated and hosted 2 regional activities:

Cambodia participated Cross-border meeting on 16-17 August 2016 in Champasak Lao PDR, to strengthening surveillance and response system to response emerging infectious disease outbreak including malaria, of the two countries along the border.

Cambodia hosted the regional workshop to finalize SOP for joint outbreak investigation and response, conducted in Siem Reap on 22-23 September 2016.

CDC website announces 9 messages/activities to the public in this quarter sharing information, knowledge and awareness, CDC activities as well as other collaboration meeting related to CDC.

  • Targeted provinces in full compliance with IHR 2005/APSED 2011- 2015

Joint External Evaluation (JEE) is being piloted at country level but there is no evaluation at provincial level. The project provinces are currently implementing APSED but skills are limited.

  • Border provinces exchange information on CDC across border on monthly basis.

Cambodia has accomplished key outputs in cross border activities including sharing of information within cluster to Vietnam and Lao provinces. All pilot provinces shared CD data in Q1 and Q2 2016.

In Q3-2016, Takeo, Kampot, Kandal, Svay Rieng, Tbaung Khmum, Ratanakiri and Stung Treng province have regularly shared CD information on monthly basis.

  • Targeted provinces exchange information on communicable diseases on weekly basis (Zero reporting)

The timeliness of Zero-report submission maintains high by 94% respectively in quarter 3-2016 and 85% as accumulative over 39 weeks since January 2016.

  • Proportion of disease outbreaks reported within 24 hours: 100%

There are 21 outbreaks in Q3-2016 including 13 occurrence in project provinces. The aggregated number goes up to 49 nationwide since January till quarter 3, 2016. 100% of outbreaks are timely reported.

  • Improved Lab Capacity in Project provinces

So far, CDC2 project has procured laboratory equipment, materials and reagents and have already delivered to the National Institute of Public health (NIPH), Technical School of Medical Care (TSMC) and 10 provincial hospitals (excluding Tbaung Khmum province):

For Preah Vihear Province:

Up to Q3-2016, many procurement items are rolling out for Malaria elimination in Preah Vihear province. 2 machines of Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) with Test kit (20,000 cases), Contract signed on 29 July 2016; 20 sets of Microscope on progress of Bid Evaluation. CDC2 AF project also currently recruit one international Consultant for SOP (QA/QC): on Progress of contract negotiation. Download