The MOH applies the below criteria to short list candidate communities to participate in the initiative to improve community based CDC as called the Model Healthy Village; (1) Poor and remote village with permanent location, (2) Village located along the border; (3) Limited HHs access to safe water and sanitation, (4) Low immunization coverage rate and (5) Willingness to participate in CB-CDC/MHV approach .

In the first stage selection and validation process, secondary data sets were compiled of each of the 18 GMS-CDC2 selected ODs, and analyzed to shortlist communes based on: (i) geographic location - communes located approximately 15 km or less from a border with either The Lao PDR, or with Viet Nam, (ii) relative poverty levels, and (iii) presence of indigenous people living in the commune. The criteria applied and the shortlisting derived was validated with local authorities – Commune Councils – with OD and PHD management and by central MOH. Download here