The Ministry of Health (MoH) of the Kingdom of Cambodia wishes to advise members of the public that one new human case of avian influenza has been confirmed for the H5Nl virus. This is the 21st case this year and the 42nd person to become infected with the H5Nl virus in Cambodia. Of the 42 confirmed cases, 31 were children under 14, and 25 of the 42 were female. In addition, only 10 cases out of the 21 cases this year survived.

The 21st case, an 8-year-old girl from 0-Raing village, Pung Ror commune, Baray district in Kampong Thom province confirmed positive for human H5Nl avian influenza on 17th October 2013 by Institut Pasteur du Cambodge. The girl developed fever on 8th October 2013, together with sneezing. On 9th October 2013, her parents sought treatment for her in the village clinic. On 10th October 2013, the girl developed a cough together with fever and vomiting and her parents sought treatment for her outside the village at a private clinic in Taing Kor in Kampong Thom province. On 11th October 2013, the girl's condition worsened and the private clinic referred her to the Jayavamian VII Hospital in Siem Reap.Download