The Ministry of Health (MoH) of the Kingdom of Cambodia wishes to advise members of the public that new one more case of avian influenza have been confirmed positive for the H5N1 virus.


The sixth case is a 5-year-old girl from Ang Krasang village, Prey Lvea commune, Prey Kabass district in Takeo province has been diagnosed with H5N1 influenza on 7th February 2013 by Institute Pasteur du Cambodia. She developed symptoms on 25th January 2013 with fever, cough, and vomiting. She was initially treated by local provate practitioners. Her condition worsened and she was admitted to Kantha Bopha Hospital on 31st February with fever, cough, and dyspnoea. Unfortunately, despite intensive medical care, she died on 7th February. There is evidence of recent deaths among poultry in the village and the girl had history of coming into contact with poultry prior to becoming sick. The girl is the twenty-seven person in Cambodia to become infected with H5N1 virus, and the sixth person this year and the twenty-four person to die from complications of the disease. Of all the twenty seven cases, 18 were children under 14, and eighteen of the twenty seven confirmed cases occurred in females. Download