• Standardized physical progress

The standardized physical progress is approximately 82.4% at 31 December 2014. The compares of weight progress of 65.1 with an elapsed period of 78.9% since project effectiveness (22 March 2011, or, 45 months).

  • Cumulative EA expenditures

The amount of $2.22 million are awarded to all contracts in year 2014 against projection of $2.5 million (89%) for this year. With this amount of budget, the money of $1.85 million has been actually disbursed against the projection of $2.5 million corresponding to 74%.

The cumulative expenditure for the implementation of activities over the period of 2014. A total amount of approximately 1.67 million was spent in year 2014 which totally accumulated to be 7.36 million since the project start up.


  • Progress by Outputs

-       34 outbreaks events cause 19 people died nationwide including 6 female and 1 indigenous person. The report on outbreaks have reached RRT by 100% timely within 24 hours but the response activities a little bit late at two outbreaks

-       The national focal point regularly shared information on CDC of regional relevance via CDC-website/ CDC2-web page which is currently linked with the regional website.

-       The IHR communication is regularly made with relevant departments and ministries as well as with the development partners such as WHO, USCDC etc. Through the National Focal Point in CDC department.

-       Targeted provinces are in compliance with IHR 2005/APSED 2011-2015 but skill limited

-       Target provinces providing CDC information on a weekly basis (Zero Report): 86.92%% timely

-       The report on CDC across border between Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam is currently in discussion among CDC expert. The meeting in Siem Reap Province on 10th September 2014 has agreed on sharing information between provincial focal Points (pilot project) through piloting 4 provinces and will be carried out from September to November, 2014.

-       In 2014, the dengue situation is endemic, the number of weekly cases keeps staying below the MEAN line. The dengue cases annually is totalled 3724 (F: 1748) including 21 death (F: 11).

-       The coverage of Praziquantel to control Schistosomiasis in Schistosomiasis endemic area Kratie and Stung Treng province is high by 92.0%

-       The coverage of Mebendazol to control STH is also high for three target population. Percentage of women of child-bearing age received Mebendazole: 77%; Percentage of pre-school children 1-5 years (12 to 59 months) received Mebendazole: R1: 93.94% R2: 95.35%; Percentage of school-aged children 6-14 years received Mebendazole: R1: 95.64, R2: 96.02%.

-       MHV: The training on MHV's concepts and approaches: 100%, Village demographic assessment conducted by VMG in candidate MHV: 88%; The cascade training on Skilled-based and CD core topics to VMGs reaches 81%; Target Villages implementing a specific BCC plan in CDC: 81%; Monitoring tools are developed and used; Baseline household survey completed, the draft report submitted. Download