This Annual Progress Report 2012 presents progress and results of the GMS Second Regional Communicable Disease Control Project (GMS-CDC2) in Cambodia during 2012.
The Report incorporates 4th Quarter (Q4) progress and results (QPR4, Oct – Dec 2012) and outlines next steps for Year 2013, detailed in the Annual Operational Plan (AOP) 2013.
The reporting period covers implementation and results, 01 Jan 2012 – 31 Dec 2012 and also by quarter where indicated. Additionally, forward plans for 2013 are referenced, with actions agreed with an ADB Review Mission, 30 Nov – 04 Dec 2012, and a follow-up ADB Consultation Mission, 14-15 Jan 2013. Annex 1 presents the status of actions agreed with the ADB Review Mission, 30 Nov – 04 Dec 2012.


This combined Annual Report 2012 and QPR4 2012, is organized in major sections as outlined in the Table of Contents.
Section II introduces GMS-CDC2 in Cambodia, provides Basic Project Data and Key Dates since project effectiveness in Cambodia, Mar 2011.
Section III briefly presents design elements of GMS-CDC2, scope, and minor changes in scope proposed and agreed in principle with respective ADB Administration and Review Missions in 2012 and a follow-up, ADB Consultation Mission in Jan 2013. Changes in project implementation arrangements are also detailed.
Section IV presents cumulative physical progress by designed output and sub-output, and by quarter in 2012. Progress is referenced with physical progress as at 31 Dec 2011.
Section V reports financial progress in 2012. This comprises cumulative contract awards and disbursements by Quarter in 2012, cumulative EA expenditures 2012, and since effectiveness in Mar 2011. Status of the Imprest Account (IA) at 31 Dec 2012 is shown in Annex 2, which presents the detailed Financial Monitoring Reports (FMRs) at 31 Dec 2012. Including, IA balance, expenditures in process of claim, and advances yet to be liquidated.
Section VI presents procurement progress in 2012. Including, the status of consulting services at 31 Dec 2012 and progress in preparation of additional consulting packages for studies in 2013 and agreed additional services (see also: Section III – minor changes in scope). Annex 3 presents in matrix, the progress and status of all goods packages in 2012. An updated procurement plan (Jan 2013) was submitted for ADB concurrence which incorporates the packages discussed and shown in AOP 2013.
Section VII highlights progress in key results during 2012 and presents in Annex 4 an adapted DMF for Cambodia at Dec 2012. This document is the basis for reporting of results. Indicators were revised in 2012 in consultation with ADB Missions. Annex 5 lists in matrix, progress in results in 2012 against targets, and by quarter, where applicable . Some results in some suboutputs are not anticipated until 2013. Progress during 2012 towards these results are highlighted and explained.Download