The Ministry of Health (MOH) of Cambodia through the Second Health Sector Support Program (HSSP2) is pleased to submit to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) this 3rd Annual Report, 2013, on implementation of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Second Regional Communicable Diseases Control Project (CDC2) .
The Annual Report 2013 details progress and achievements during 2013 as well as discusses some constraints and challenges encountered. The Report evidences MOH commitment to improve CDC in Cambodia at local and provincial levels and through cooperation in CDC with partners in the GMS.

ADB is a valued development partner of the MOH and we have worked closely to overcome some initial slow progress at project start up and during 2013.
The MOH highly appreciates the commitment of ADB to work through the MOH planning mechanisms of the national health system. This approach and flexibility is unique for a three Country regional project of support.

The MOH also appreciates the strong focus of ADB on planning for results and monitoring progress towards them. In particular, for the results in CDC of national and regional relevance under the International Health Regulations (IHR, 2005) and the component areas of the Asia Pacific Strategy for Emerging and Diseases (APSED, 2010).

In 2014 we are committed to accelerate progress towards our shared objectives in CDC through the activities that are detailed in the project AOP 2014. .
The MOH wishes to reaffirm to ADB our commitment to implement CDC2 in an effective, efficient and timely manner in order to reach the planned results in 2014 and to project completion in 2015. Download Report