Greater Mekong Subregion Health Security Project

ADB Loan No. 3464-CAM (SF)

Recruitment: Chief Finance Officer (National Consultant)

The Government of Kingdom of Cambodia has received a Loan of SDR 15,012,000 from Asian Development Bank toward the cost of Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) Health Security Project. The impact will be strengthened Greater Mekong Sub-region public health security. The outcome will be improved GMS health system performance with regard to health security. The project locations are selected provinces along the borders and economic corridors. The project consists of the following outputs: (i). Regional cooperation and communicable disease control in border areas improved; (ii). National disease surveillance and outbreak response systems strengthened; and (iii). Laboratory services and hospital infection prevention and control improved.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Update financial management manual and the accounting system for the project including database system as needed;

2. Provide accounting support to the project to ensure fully compliance with government and ADB accounting policies, practices and standard;

3. Provide in-service training, supervision and support the accounting staff in PMU and provinces as needed;

4. Ensure adequate bookkeeping and documentation of project expenditures;

5. Ensure timely disbursement request in accordance with up-coming Client Portal for Disbursement (CPD);

6. Arrange external quality assistant and audit;

7. Provide quarter or annual report reports for submission to MoH;

8. Prepare financial and accounting information as requested by Project Director