Name of Project: Second Greater Mekong Sub-region Regional Communicable Diseases Control Projec
  Project ID: Grant No. 0448 CAM (EF)
Bid/Contract Description: Goods   Scope of Contract: Supply Office Equipment
Procurement Method: Shopping   Contract Signature Date: 23 May 2016
Bid No. HSSP2/GMS2-AF/Shopping-16-G-04    


Awarded Bidder
Name of Awarded Bidder Bid Pricce at Opening (USD) Final Bid Price (USD)
Neeka Limited 63,919.90 63,919.90
Evaluated Bidders
Name of Evaluation Bidders Bid Pricce at Opening Bid Price of Evaluation Bid
Neeka Limited 63,919.90 63,919.90
PTC Computer Co., Ltd 65,237.70 65,237.70
Holy Supply P&H Co., Ltd 84,084.00 84,084.00
Rejected Bidder(s)
Name of Reject Bidder Bid Pricce at Opening Reason(s) for Rejection
MDP (Cambodia) Co., Ltd 64,029.90 the bid validity only 30 days from the date of issue quotation and will be a charge 15% for cencellation on confirm order